Jamie Wiebe

Jamie Wiebe

I'm a freelance writer.

I'm a fast, efficient, and accurate writer with specialities in home decor, technology, mental health, and more. I'm interested in everything and would love to write about it for you.

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1428340023 tip3 article
House Beautiful

Small-Space Tips From Set Designers - Design Tips for Small Rooms

"Your home should scream who you are and what you're about."

Landscape 1429214612 sad dog chewed paper article
House Beautiful

Dog Owner Problems - Dog Shaming

Dog Owner Problems - Dog Shaming

Gallery 1429213638 hollywood collage article
House Beautiful

California Home Makeover - Modern Hollywood Renovation

A few renovations and decor updates make it light and airy

54c137c3dd240   00dipdye s2 article
House Beautiful

10 DIY Projects That Are Past Their Prime (And How To Update Them)

DIY? Maybe don't. These 10 trends have overstayed their welcomebut they're ready for an update....

Landscape 1427911998 img 9737 copy article
House Beautiful

11 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas For Indoor Herb Gardens

Keeping herbs alive during the winter can be a challengebut it's definitely not impossible. Give your green thumb a shot with these DIY indoor herb planters....

54c4922c7bf38   00 ikea s2 article
House Beautiful

Get In Line: IKEA Is Reissuing Limited Editions Of Beloved Vintage Designs

IKEA's newest line brings back design favorites from the retailer's 70-year history...

54c492ad0917a   00 bedroom learning s2 article
House Beautiful

11 One-Hour DIYs For Your Bedroom

Bedroom looking a little bland?...

Landscape 1424969208 viewfrombalcony before kicey article
House Beautiful

Before & After: An Abandoned Church Gets A Modern Makeover

Peek inside this Philadelphia couples' modern, Moroccan-inspired converted church....